Nov 4, 2021

How to Plan the Perfect Date Night at Home

Spending a romantic evening with your special someone doesn’t have to be elaborate or convoluted. When you have succulent oysters and someone to share them with, you have the makings of a memorable night without ever needing to step outside your home. The tips and tricks below will help you plan out a date night to remember.

Selecting the Right Beverage

When it comes to romantic nights on the half-shell, what better way to get them started than with the perfect drink? Search for flavors that contrast the briny creaminess of oysters, like fizzy Champagne or crisp pinot grigio, but be sure that you and your date will like the selection before making a decision. With the right pairing, you can take your evening from lovely to sublime.

Shucking at Home

With oysters being both aphrodisiacs and rich in nutrients, it’s no wonder they make for sumptuous dining on special occasions. When you learn how to shuck oysters yourself, you’re adding a fun and rewarding trick that you and your special guest can enjoy forever. Whether you’re just learning how to shuck or doing it for the thousandth time, it’s a delicious activity the two of you can complete together.

Choosing Additions

Assuming you and your date aren’t only going to eat oysters (though you absolutely can), there are variations and accompaniments you can choose for delectable contrasts. Toppings like lemon or mignonette sauce, as well as garnishes like caviar, make for exciting alternatives. Don’t overlook the myriad of ways these versatile mollusks can be cooked, either; you two might just discover a new favorite.If you’re ready to excite your and your date’s palettes, Oysters XO has all the right tools and materials to ensure your in-home night of romance ends on a high note. We offer premium oysters through our nationwide network of partners and all the shucking equipment necessary to dig in, as well as virtual classes to deepen your knowledge of these wonderful morsels. Shop now to get started.