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Learn how to shuck an oysters like a pro with Chef Rifko Meier, the #1 Oyster Chef. Rifko will share his love and knowledge of oysters, teach you how to shuck in 5 simple steps, provide pairing recommendations, and answer your oyster questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Oysters XO deliver fresh oysters?

Rifko had selected our oyster partners for the highest quality oysters. When orders are placed on the website, our partners receive notification and accepts the order for the specific oyster and quantity ordered. Our partners ship oysters directly from the hatchery to your front door for the date you provide at checkout. We use FedEx Express overnight shipping with recyclable insulated freezer bags.

How do I Shuck an Oyster?

There are five simple steps to shuck an oyster. Put the point of the oyster shucker in the hinge of the oyster. Jiggle the shucker left and right and pop the hinge like a key in a lock. Shuck the top shell keeping the point of the oyster shucker against the top side of the oyster shell. Push the oyster out of the hinge and remove any debris. Watch and learn ‘How to Shuck an Oyster’ in our Oyster Academy.

What months can I eat oysters?

You can eat oysters any month of the year! If you have ever heard about only eating oysters in months that have the letter ‘R’? It’s silly logic and should be ignored. Oysters come from all over the world and eliminating eating them in the Summer is hogwash. Enjoy oysters year round responsibly! Read more about 'The R Rule' on our blog.

Where can I learn more about oysters?

We are the #1 resource for an oyster education. You can sign up for an Oyster Shucking Class or have Rifko guest-host at your next event. Be sure to check out our Oyster Academy to learn more.

How long do oysters stay fresh?

Fresh oysters should be stored in the fridge. Choose only oysters that have a tightly closed shell, or ones that close when lightly tapped. Oysters with open shells are no longer alive and should be discarded. Look for oyster meat that's moist, with a plump appearance and a mild, fresh smell. Contrary to popular belief, oysters should not have a fishy smell.

Why choose Oysters XO to deliver your oysters?

We closely partner with oyster farms around the United States to deliver the highest quality oysters. When shipping, we factor in where the oysters are being delivered and offer discounted rates for selecting oysters near where they are being shipped. We are the highest rated oyster delivery service and have the backing of hundreds of satisfied customers and celebrity endorsements.

Can I give Oysters XO as a gift?

Yes! We offer gift certificates to allow the recipient to order what they want and have it delivered when they want it. We also offer the option to gift a Virtual Oyster shucking class to share the experience.
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