Our Oyster Shucking Tools

At Oysters XO, we believe oyster shucking is an art, and presentation is the key to the overall experience. While we love serving you, we love teaching, too! Learn how fun and easy it is to shuck oysters yourself and use our superior oyster shucking tools to show off your new skills.

Get Ready to Shuck

In addition to mobile oyster shucking services, our Oyster Chefs offer up their trade secrets in private academy classes. Guided by our founder, Rifko Meier, our sit-down courses help guests master the skills of shucking and pairing these delightful delicacies with fine wines and Champagne. If you can’t participate in one of our classes, our how-to video will get you started on the basics.

All The Tools You’ll Need

An essential component of proper shucking is excellent tools. Oyster shucking is fun and easy with a little practice, but it does involve the swift use of sharp objects, so safety and quality are essential when choosing supplies. With the same line of towels, knives, and gloves that our Oyster Girls and Guys use, we offer all the premium tools you need to fine-tune your shucking prowess.

Oyster shucking tools from Oysters XO are the perfect resources to demonstrate your skill and add an unexpected element to your next party, event, or date night. Shop now to dazzle friends and family with your culinary touch, or to satisfy the oyster aficionado in your life with a gift unlike any other.

What You’ll Need