Nov 4, 2021

Where Do the Best Oysters Come From?

Oysters are among the most delicious and versatile kinds of seafood. You can eat them raw, top them on crackers with a bit of hot sauce or cocktail sauce, or try them baked, grilled, fried, or charbroiled. No matter how you prepare them, they’re sure to be delicious. However, depending on where they’re from, oysters can yield different flavors.

Loch Ryan

Loch Ryan is the only operating oyster fishery in Scotland and is run by the Wallace family. Since receiving a royal charter by King William II in 1701, this oyster bed supplies both farmed and wild Ostrea edulis oysters. These oysters are flat and round in appearance and possess a long-lasting spicy flavor, which reportedly influenced Julius Caesar to refer to them as ‘the best oysters in the world’!

Sydney Rock Oysters

One thing Australia is famous for is its Sydney Rock oysters, mainly farmed on the east coast of New South Wales, the Wingan Inlet, and Shark Bay. The Sydney Rock oysters are soft and small and are known for their deep, rich, lasting sweetness.

Fishers Island Oyster Farm

This oyster farm located in New York supplies Atlantic oysters. They have unique tastes depending on the cultivation season, but they consistently hold a clean, crisp, and bright finish. The farm cultivates their oysters in water that has a similar salinity to that of the sea to provide their sparkling mineral taste.

Kelly Oysters

The oysters in the Republic of Ireland are more than enough reason to take a vacation to try them. Oysters are such a conventional part of this country’s culinary culture that the citizens have an oyster dedicated season featuring glamorous festivals! Kelly Oysters, in particular, is a family-run business in Galway Bay that boasts some of the best tasting oysters in the world.

Delta de I’Ebre Catalonia

The oysters from this region near the Mediterranean border of Spain and France possess a unique flavor due to the combination of River Ebro’s freshness and the Mediterranean’s saltiness. Delta de I’Ebre Catalonia exports 80% of its oysters to France, where they get redistributed to various parts of the world.

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