In our fun and interactive class, you will learn how to shuck oysters in 5 simple steps with your #1 Oyster Chef Rifko. We offer a Virtual Oyster Shucking Class from the convenience of your office/venue and LIVE in-person fun-filled Sip N Shucks for corporate sessions or on Festivals.

Sip N Shuck

Students sit at communal tables with individual shucking stations with Oyster Chef Rifko teaching the 5-simple steps of shucking an oyster. The best part of the Sip N Shuck is when they realize that opening the first oyster was not beginners luck.

Oyster Chef Rifko feels that oysters are a social, just like a picnic or happy hour. So, the classes are a celebration with learning about how to buy, clean and shuck oysters for your at-home oyster parties.

The class is run by our very own Oyster Chef Rifko, who is experienced in teaching the culinary community. Besides learning how to open oysters, you will discover where the flavors come from and how to store oysters keeping them fresh for at least a week.

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Oyster Chef Rifko teaches at Food & Finance Highschool New York City

Virtual Classes

The Virtual Oyster Classes are very similar to the Sip N Shucks, but instead you are set up in a location of your choice with Oyster Chef Rifko on your screen. These Zoom classes were the most successful virtual experience during the pandemic.

Group Classes

Starting at 10 persons we set you up for a surprising virtual experience. You learn a great party trick while supporting your local growers. In the class, our #1 Oyster Chef Rifko teaches you to open your own oysters in just 6-7 minutes.

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About Oyster Classes

Our Oyster Chefs teach you how to shuck oysters.

We teach everyone, because it’s the best new trick to learn. We teach chefs and FOH in the hospitality industry. We teach captains of industry and teach corporate team building events. We teach at Food & Wine Festivals. We teach online. We love to teach you next.
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An opportunity to learn the Oysters XO technique of properly shucking an oyster in 10-15 minutes. A technique the Oyster Chefs of Oysters XO use: clean, no-strength, accurate.

It’s the technique the Oyster Chefs of Oysters XO use:

1. Lollipop

2. Crack the hinge

3. Cut top shell

4. Cut bottom shell

5. Presentation

These steps are included in our class called “SLURP”!

Fold the towel in half and cover your non-dominant hand with the towel/Wear an Oysters XO Mesh Mitt on your non-dominant hand. Take an oyster and put it in your non-dominant hand on top of the towel/mesh mitt. Hold the oyster cup side down with the hinge pointing towards you.

1. “S”-  STICK your knife into the hingeTake a look at the hinge and GENTLY insert the knife. Perhaps wiggle the knife left and right and let your knife lead the way until your knife gently sinks in a bit.

2. “L”-  LOLLIPOP, then pop!After “S” you should have a lollipop. Test if your knife is in deep enough. Try holding the oyster up to see if the knife can hold the weight of it. If it does, now pop it open by turning the knife left AND right like turning a key in a lock. BOTH sides until the hinge POPS.

3. “U” – UPPER muscle cutThe Upper muscle is 2/3 up from the hinge and a little to the right. Hold the oyster with your hand wrapped around the oyster with your thumb on the top shell. Slide the knife gently into the oyster (with the point of the knife against the top shell) until you feel the muscle and then windshield wipe the knife to the right to cut the muscle. Take the top shell off with the thumb of your knife hand.

4. “R”-  REMOVE the bottom muscleTurn your non-dominant hand towards your body (don’t move the oyster in your hand). Clean your knife then slide your knife under the oyster to cut the bottom muscle. Again, the muscle is 2/3 up from the hinge and a little to the right. You can actually see it. Practice this a few times, even after you ate the oyster already.

5. “P”- PUSH!Push the oyster gently  from the hinge of the shell to check that there are no debris in it.

**Now SLURP that oyster and enjoy!**

Of course, we love to teach as many people the best party trick for this summer. Follow this link.

Depends on how you want to eat them! To have fresh oysters on the half-shell, yes. But don’t worry – we can teach you and you’ll be a pro in no time. 5 simple steps you can master. We promise.

If you want to eat the oysters cooked: roasted, steamed, grilled, baked, etc, you don’t necessarily need to shuck them first, but it’s a great skill to learn, so why not? We believe in you!