In our fun and interactive class, you will learn how to shuck oysters in 5 simple steps with your #1 Oyster Chef Rifko. We offer a Virtual Oyster Shucking Class from the convenience of your home or office and LIVE in-person fun-filled Sip N Shucks for corporate sessions or on Festivals.

Sip N Shuck

Oysters Chef Rifko feels that oysters are a social, just like a picnic or happy hour. So, the classes are a celebration with learning about how to buy, clean and shuck oysters for your at-home oyster parties.

Students sit at communal tables with individual shucking stations and the classic condiments. The best part of the class is when you realize that opening the first oyster was not beginners luck.

The class is run by our very own Oyster Chef Rifko, who is experienced in teaching the culinary community. Besides learning how to open oysters, you will discover where the flavors come from and how to store oysters keeping them fresh for at least a week.

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Virtual Classes

The Virtual Oyster Classes are very similar to the Sip N Shucks, but instead you are set up in a location of your choice with Oyster Chef Rifko on your screen. These Zoom classes were the most successful virtual experience during the pandemic.

Group Classes

Starting at 10 persons we set you up for a surprising virtual experience. You learn a great party trick while supporting your local growers. In the class, our #1 Oyster Chef Rifko teaches you to open your own oysters in just 6-7 minutes.

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Individual Classes

This is a super fun how-to oysters shucking class with 36 farm-fresh oysters and shucking tools. You can choose between a LIVE Zoom Class or a pre-recorded DIY Oyster Class

The Oyster Class + Kit is easily enough for two people.

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