Nov 4, 2021

Shucking at Home With Oysters XO

Though it appears the world is at a standstill, life must go on. Connecting with others can’t be stopped by a pandemic, and—though the ways we do so are different for now—we can still leave room to celebrate food, achievements, and togetherness. Culinary experiences are included in this, and Oysters XO is as dedicated as ever to the fun and unforgettable moments we share with customers, no matter how long these circumstances last.

Shucking Parties Redefined

The Local Palate recently profiled Oysters XO for our creative way of addressing the current lack of shucking parties: sending the party to customers. As restaurants and suppliers turn to shipping and delivering, our team knows oyster-eating is more than just throwing ingredients together for dinner; it’s an event worthy of savoring. With the cooperation of our fishery partners, we’re offering kits for special occasions and oyster parties of your own. Each comes with three dozen oysters local to your area, oyster knives, an oyster bag, and a Dutch towel for keeping it all clean. If you’ve ever wanted to give hosting an oyster soiree a chance, now is a prime opportunity.

How to Get Started

Anyone can learn how to shuck oysters properly, even as we all spend more time indoors. Oysters XO offers not only tips and tricks but also a virtual oyster shucking class, both as standalone experiences or included with starter kits. Learn our five-step shucking technique, recipes, pairing ideas, and more for whenever you’re eager to dive into these sumptuous morsels. Feel free to invite others to the celebration, as well—simply choose the timeframe best suited to your and your guests’ schedules. You’ll eat well and pick up new skills, so why not enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with the fellow oyster lovers in your life?

There’s never a bad time to partake in oyster eating, and these uncertain times are no exception. Oysters XO is more than happy to help you indulge your cravings, and you can get started by ordering a kit or signing up for a class. Start shopping and schedule today.