Nov 4, 2021

Are Oysters Nutritious?

So we know that oysters taste amazing- that is a fact. However, that may get you thinking about whether or not oysters are healthy. Many times, foods that taste good are unhealthy and bad for us. They are so delicious , I hope they are nutritious… Well you are in luck, oysters are very nutritious!

Vitamins and Minerals

Ever heard of omega 3 fatty acids? Potassium? Magnesium? All of these can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and also lower blood pressure. Guess what, they are all in oysters! What about vitamins A, E and C? Oysters have those too. Oh, and B12m calcium and iron.
We can take a special look at the nutrient called selenium which is a rare vitamin and found naturally in oysters. Selenium helps with the overall health of your skin and hair and, well, can make you beautiful. Eating oysters will naturally improve appearance? Sign me up!


Let’s start with the zinc. Oysters actually have more zinc than any other food out there. Zinc is good for boosting immunity, has healing properties, and aids in growth and development of our bodies. Feeling under the weather? Eat some oysters! Hurray zinc!

Slim Down

One more fun fact is that oysters can help you lost weight. It’s true! Oysters are low in calories and low in fat while still being a good source of protein. These attribute will make you feel full after eating a few which means you will east less and still feel satisfied.

I didn’t think it was possible to love oyster any more but now, after knowing how healthy oysters are and all the benefits that come from eating oysters, I must say, I am truly obsessed with this super food. Delicious and nutritious, oysters are just amazing.