How Long Do Live Oysters Stay Fresh?

How Long Do Live Oysters Stay Fresh?

So you bought a bunch of oysters still in the shell and you are now wondering what to do with them prior to eating them. This is a great question as proper storage is very important.

Ice Ice Those Babies!

Oysters need to stay cold and the colder, the better. However you do not want to stick them completely in the freezer or they will freeze completely and no longer be good. One way to store the oysters is on a bed of ice. Lay the oysters with the deep side down on top of them. When store like this, oysters will last about two days. Make sure the ice doesn’t melt!

Fridge Is Fine

You can also store your oysters in the fridge in an open container. You never want to enclose your oysters so resist the urge to put a lid on the container. Oysters need to breath! Instead, lay a damp towel on top of them and let those babies rest for up to 5 days.

Eat Eat!

Keep in mind that oysters are best when they are really fresh so no matter how you store them, try to eat them as soon as possible. You will notice a difference in taste between an oyster that was harvested a few days ago to an oyster that has been handing out in a fridge for 5 days. So Shuck them, eat them, enjoy them right away!

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