Raspberry Point

Prince Edward Island (PEI), CAN
Raspberry Point
Raspberry Point
Raspberry Point
Raspberry Point
Raspberry Point

Raspberry Point

Prince Edward Island (PEI), CAN
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Our fresh oysters are shipped with ice packs to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. Upon arrival, simply place them on ice and refrigerate. They will keep for up to 10 days in the fridge - don't freeze them, though, or you'll ruin all that briny goodness!

Cocktail/King (2.5" - 3.5")
Species: Crassostrea virginica (Eastern)

Grow-out Method: Wild spat is caught and grown in bags until large enough to plant on the bottom. It remains on the bottom to grow naturally until harvest.

Description: Harvested from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America, these oysters take about 6 years to reach market size. This cold water growing area produces this beautiful 3 to 3½ inch oyster. They have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavour with a delightful sweet finish.

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