Oct 27, 2021

Best Oyster Knife for a More Stylish Shucking Experience

If you're a die-hard fan of oysters, then you want the experience to be exquisite right from the shucking to the crunching. There are shucking knives that will give you some stress, while others make shucking oysters so easy, making you feel like a pro! 

A good oyster shucking knife must be sharp. But being the oyster junkie you are, you also want something pretty stylish to impress your guests. 

So come over, and we'll show you the top 4 best shucking knives in the market. 

1.  The Oysters XO shucker designed just for us.

The Oyster XO shucker is the perfect tool for preparing oysters, with a blade length of 2.25 inches and a handle that measures 3.75” in length so it fits easily into your hand to give you maximum control when cutting through tough shells while ensuring safety as fingerprints on both sides ensure greater grip during use! The stainless steel material means they're easy to clean up after too - just pop them straight into the dishwasher afterwards!

One order includes two shuckers per package making this an essential item for any kitchen where seafood or raw bar are served at home or commercially alike!

2. OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife with Non-Slip Handle

As the name suggests, the handle offers adequate grip and ensures the knife doesn't slip from your hand while shucking. The tip of the blade is also slightly bent, making opening up oysters more effortless. This means you can shuck a plethora of oysters without breaking a sweat. 

Furthermore, the blade is made of highly durable commercial steel. You wouldn't have to replace your shucking knife for years to come. 

However, this knife is not as sturdy, as the blade tends to bend when used with excessive pressure. 

3. HiCoup Oyster Knife

If you like the features of OXO but prefer a more stylish design, the HiCoup Oyster Knife will most likely be your thing. Its bad-ass design gives it such a deadly yet highly fanciful appeal. The blade is fixed to the handle with three carefully placed compressed rivets.

The blade is made of premium 420-type stainless steel, highly durable and sturdy, giving you peace of mind that your knife won't break no matter how much force you use to shuck. For all-around durability, the handle is made from premium pakka wood that's naturally slip-free even when your hands are wet. 

One notable con with this knife is its hand-guard which may be a little too bulky for some people. 

4. Victorinox New Haven-Style Oyster Knife

If you want a more simplistic and compact design, then the Victorinox New Haven-Style Oyster Knife is your thing. Victorinox is widely known for creating luxury Swiss Army Knives and brings that same level of creativity to the table with this shucking knife. The blade is made of tough carbon steel with a hooked tip to enable you to open up those delectable molluscs effortlessly.

And most significantly, the handle curves inward in the middle at both edges to give you a firm grip. 

The only issue with the knife is its compact size. The 2.75-inch blade may be a trifle too small for some.