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Who We Are

Oysters XO is America’s first mobile raw bar catering company. Our Girls & Guys roam among party guests, while shucking and serving tasty, high-quality oysters.

Oysters XO is an innovative culinary experience that spices up any event and offers something original and unexpected. The attraction lies in the presentation and the interactive experience between guests and the Oyster Chefs. It’s all about the way the Oyster Girls & Guys turn on their charm, as they shuck these succulent ocean delicacies right in front of the event guest.

Where We Are

Our raw bar oyster catering service shucks for Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Events, Non for Profit event & Celebrations. An exquisite culinary service, originally from Amsterdam, now in:
New York / “It Was BRILLIANT! My Friends Can't Stop Talking About The Oyster Girls!” -The Plaza
Washington D.C. / The Oysters Come Straight From The Oyster Farm To The Party And Create A Unique Experience For Guests. Yes - The World Is Your Oyster!” -Design Cuisine
Atlanta / “There's No Table, No Tray, It's Hands On. It's A Conversation Piece And A Conversation Starter.” -ABC News
Charleston / “If You Want To Spice Up The Mollusk Service At Your Next Party, Consider Calling In Oysters XO.” -Newsday
Chicago / "Rifko Meier's Oysters XO Will Hand-Deliver Fresh Oysters At Your Next Party.” -Thrillist
Los Angeles / “There’s An Oyster Girl! What More Do You Want?” -Vogue
Miami / “What better surprise as you're drinking a glass of champagne than to have someone walk up to you… and say, "Would you like me to shuck an oyster for you?" -Miami New Times
Philadelphia / “It has even attracted the interest of such celebrity chefs as Jose Andres, whose catering company hired Oysters XO for a private event at the restaurateur's home.” -ABC News
Seattle / “Among her favorites are… “Roaming Oysters” from a company called Oysters XO, where servers wear a belt that has compartments for oysters on ice, condiments, and napkins.” -Brides
NOLA / “Welcome New Orleans!”
San Francisco / “With fiancè Jack Donnelly by her side, the star and her guests slurped down oysters from Oysters XO” -Brides
Destination / "At Every Event That We Do, Everyone’s Blown Away That Someone Is Walking Up To Them And Shucking Live…” -The New Yorker

What We Shuck

Our Oyster Chefs dress in tailored-to-the-event outfits and mingle with the guests, shucking and serving tasty oysters from the buckets around their waist. The oysters are Premium East and West Coast Oysters straight from the oyster farms.