Oysters sitting on a trey next to a glass of alcohol

The Best Wine Pairings With Oysters

Whether you’re out eating oysters at a restaurant or serving them at home, you still have to find a drink that complements them perfectly. Have you hosted an oyster dinner party and thought about what your guests might expect to have paired with their meal? If you want to start serving oysters like a pro, consider pairing them with some of these choice wines.


Chablis hails from the northern wine district in the Burgundy region of France. This wine has more acidity and is less fruity and sweet than Chardonnay wines from this region, even though Chablis is made with 100% Chardonnay grapes. In fact, there are even traces of oyster shells found in the soil where chablis vines grow! This soil composition is what gives Chablis a distinctively mineral, flinty note. Oysters pair great with Chablis because of its fresh, dry palate and simple bouquet that’s perfect for most seafood.


Muscadet has a bright, crisp, dry flavor that will only enhance your oyster-eating experience. This wine is also easy on the wallet, as it typically runs for around $15 to $20. Muscadet is from the Loire Valley near the city of Nantes along the coast of France and is made with the local French Melon de Bourgogne grape. Muscadet is traditionally a strong pairing with oysters since the Nantes region also features a large abundance of local oysters. The light crispness of Muscadet and its moderate alcohol level let it compliment whatever it is paired with without overpowering the food.


If you want to enjoy oysters like a rockstar, have an oyster and champagne social! So many foods taste great with bubbly, and oysters are no exception. Some of the tastiest pairings with oysters are with champagne’s grape varieties, such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

For your next oyster party at home, be sure to leave room on the table for wine! Looking for your next event to involve oysters but want to leave the catering to someone else? Oysters XO can provide that little extra something you need to make your party an unforgettable experience with our mobile catering service. Contact us today to get started.