Showing Oysters for

Thursday, August 5th
5:00 PM ET

The Social Shell PEI Oyster Class Kit

$120 - $150

This contains:

  • 36 PEI Oysters
  • 2 Oyster Shuckers
  • 1 Dutch Towel
  • 1 Oyster Bag
  • 1 LIVE Zoom Oyster Shucking Class with a FREE Happy Hour
    • Thursday, August 5th at 5PM Eastern
  • FedEx Express delivery INCLUDED
  • This Kit is easily enough for 1-2 persons

**Available in both Canada ($120 USD) and United States ($150 USD)**

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$ 150 | 36 Oysters
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About The Social Shell

The Social Shell is here to share what makes oysters from Prince Edward Island so spe-shell. If you’re into celebrating and sharing the tastiest oysters in the sea while having fun, then come on in, the water’s more than fine!

The Social Shell: Your go-to resource for inspiration and information on oysters & mussels from Prince Edward Island
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