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Villa Maria Academy Oyster Kit


Would you like to learn about oysters?!

This is a super fun how-to shuck oysters class with 36 farm-fresh oysters and shucking tools. With each purchase, you directly contribute to supporting Villa Maria Academy Lower School’s students and teachers.

In the Virtual class, our #1 Oyster Chef Rifko teaches you to open your own oysters in just 6-7 minutes.

This kit is enough for 2 people to enjoy and is a great way to learn a new party trick while supporting the education and empowerment of young women.

This kit contains:

  • 36 Farm-Fresh Local Oysters
    • Oyster selection based on location and subject to availability
  • 2 Oyster Shuckers (Oyster Knives in oyster language)
  • 1 Dutch Towel
  • 1 Oyster Bag
  • 1 LIVE Virtual Oyster Class
  • Condiment recipes
  • Pairing recommendations
  • FedEx Express delivery INCLUDED

Villa Maria Academy Lower School has partnered with Oysters XO to provide you an amazing Oyster Party at home while supporting two worthy causes: Villa Maria Academy Lower School and Oyster Farmers.

With each purchase, you will receive farm-fresh oysters and all the tools to safely shuck them yourself and directly contribute to Villa Maria’s continued education and empowerment of young women through leadership and service.

$50.00 of every Oyster Kit purchase is donated directly to Villa Maria Academy Lower School to support the students and teachers.

About Villa Maria Academy Lower School

If you can’t attend one of the class options but still want to support Villa Maria Academy Lower School, purchase a Gift Card to use at a later date. Or send a to friend for them to choose when and where the class and oysters will be delivered.


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