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Showing Oysters for

Meet the Maker: Rifko Meier Oysters XO
by Daniela Johnson
The Local Palate Marketplace

Inside the kitchen of Restaurant Daniel**, with the chefs of the Citymeals

Shucking at Home with Oysters XO by Maggie Ward
The Local Palate

“An oyster shucker provided guests with treats from the sea, complete with a choice of sauces.”
Couture: New York Bridal Fashion Week
The Knot
“Roger Grossenbacher of Brown Harris Stevens, enjoys freshly shucked oysters…”
MANN Report
JBF Greens NYC: Teaching America How to Shuck
James Beard Foundation
Rutte Brunch at Wynwood Diner featuring Oysters XO
World Red Eye
Oyster Girl & Rifko Meier (owner) of Oysters XO at Hamptons Magazine’s Summer 2013 Kick Off Celebration
Millennium Magazine
JUST SHUCK IT: Rifko Meier and Oysters XO’s Five Steps to Shuck an Oyster
Flavors Magazine
“Personal oyster shuckers get the party started.”
“The oyster girls,” as they’re known, dress according to the occasion and are schooled in discussion points on mollusks’ aphrodisiac qualities, plus they can be rented by the hour. Because naked sushi is so last decade.”
New York Grub Street
Hamptons Magazine Memorial Day Weekend Party with Cover Star Brooke Shields
Guest Of A Guest
VIDEO: How to Shuck Oysters at Home in 5 Easy Steps
Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Aw Shuck! “The highlight of the cocktail hour was Oysters XO,” says Brittany.
Martha Stewart Weddings
Rifko Meier owns New York catering company Oysters XO and introduces oysters to many first-timers.
Los Angels Times
“Attendees enjoyed delicious hour d’oeuvres provided by RSVP Catering as well as roaming oyster shucking by Oysters XO. “
Malin Akerman’s Great Gatsby Themed 40th Birthday Bash

“For impressing big clients”
New York Post
Oyster Girls move among party guests…
Capitol File
The New York Chapter’s Annual Bridal Market Kick-Off Party
Wish Upon a Wedding
“The charming girls, outfitted with oyster-carrying belts, were total pros at shucking the oysters!”
“As an interactive alternative to a stationary raw bar, roaming servers from Oysters XO shuck oysters on the spot, with buckets of oysters hanging from their waists.”
Attaché Exclusive Boston | Oysters XO
Luxury Attaché
GrillHampton & Taste of Two Forks 2013: The Many Delights of Two Days of Fabulous Food
Mike Bourie of Oysters XO, a mobile oyster shucking company, recently took a tour of the Charleston Oyster Farm with Caitlyn Mayer and Tom and Peter Bierce.
Post and Courier

Rifko Meier can shuck an oyster without even watching to see what he’s doing.
New Orleans Wedding Magazine

The oyster shucking helps “bring the party to life,” Beahm said.
“Oysters Party Like It’s the 40’s”
New York Time
“at every event that we do, everyone’s blown away that someone is walking up to them and shucking live…”
The New Yorker
James Beard Foundation: Shuck Like A Rockstar
James Beard Foundation
“What better surprise as you’re drinking a glass of champagne than to have someone walk up to you with three buckets and say…”
Miami New Times
The cocktail hour reflected the couple’s love of Champagne and oysters. Servers delivered fresh oysters on the shell.
Inside Weddings
“Guests wined and dined on an impressive spread that featured staff who came right up to you to personally shuck your oysters.”
Inside Weddings
“If you think Y chromosomes go better with mollusks, allow us to introduce the Oyster Guys, foxy young things who rove with a bucket and shucking knife, bringing briny goodness straight to your mouth…”
“The Oysters come straight from the oyster farm to the party and create a unique experience for guests. Yes – the world is your oyster!”
Design Cuisine
“What Millennials Love to Eat at Weddings – “Among her favorites are […] ‘Roaming Oysters’”
Brides Magazine
“She’ll deploy a small army of shuck enthusiasts armed with buckets of your chosen oysters on ice, condiments at the ready and one metal mesh glove.”

A-List Lifestyle Interview with Rifko Meier of Oysters XO
A-List Lifestyle

Oysters Everything with Rifko Meier
Air Jordan Food Podcast
The Oysters XO girls and guys were dressed in their best Alpine gear shucking oysters all night long!”
The Knot Pro
“There’s an oyster girl! What more do you want?”
For a classy touch, serve up tasty aphrodisiacs during your cocktail hour with this bivalve-focused catering company.
New York Weddings
“From the Great Gatsby premier and the White House Correspondence Dinner, to intimate weddings and personal garden parties, large and small events can all be made better with Oysters XO.”
District Weddings
Daybreaker co-founder Eli Clark-Davis learns how to shuck oysters from the Osyter XO’s Rifko Meier.
Another popular attraction were the on-tap oyster girls…”You’re a one-woman oyster bar.”
Art News
Rifko Meier’s Oysters XO will hand-deliver fresh oysters at your next party.
5 Wedding Catering Trends We Are Drooling Over
Huffington Post
We sat down with the oyster expert to hear about the origins of his company and his passion for bivalves.
The Local Palate
“Your average raw bar, it’s so, well, stationary. And non-interactive. If you want to spice up the mollusk service at your next party, consider calling in Oysters XO.
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