Fresh oysters you keep in the fridge.

Choose only oysters that have a tightly closed shell, or ones that close when lightly tapped. Oysters with open shells are no longer alive and should be discarded. Look for oyster meat that’s moist, with a plump appearance and a mild, fresh smell. Contrary to popular belief, oysters should not have a fishy smell.


Toss the oysters in a sink with cold running water. Put on some cleaning gloves and start scrambling the oysters, so that the leftover sand and debris falls off. Do this for a couple of minutes or until you feel that they are nice and clean.

Note: Make sure you clean the sink before and after you clean the oysters. You want to avoid cross contamination with any other raw foods.


Take a plastic bin with a paper towel / kitchen towel on the bottom and transfer the oysters into the plastic bin. The extra water will fall out of the oysters onto the towel. Now take a plastic bag and toss the oysters in the bag and tie a knot in the plastic bag. Store the plastic bag with the oysters in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy the oysters.

Note: don’t poke holes in the plastic bag. Oysters don’t breathe after being taken out of the ocean..