Ready to Shuck?

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Ready to Shuck?

All you need is … oysters, a shucker and skills. All the above are available in the SHOP. Premium Local and National oysters overnighted to your kitchen. And whether you have skills or not, America’s #1 Oyster Chef Rifko Meier, is here to assist you to become a shucking Rockstar.

Check out the shop for the Starter Kit if it’s your first time or to
Oyster Shop if you got some technique already.

James Beard Oyster Class


James Beard Oyster Classes

In 2017 we did our first James Beard House “Shuck like a Rockstar Oyster & Champagne Social”, with 55 guests learning about oysters and shucking the oysters themselves.

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It became one of the most successful and fun every 2-month program ever. It’s an honor to be in the House that build up the Culinary America, of course, and to teach supporters of the house that pay generously for the class to support the foundation.