Ready to Shuck?


Ready to Shuck?

All you need is … oysters, a shucker and skills. All the above are available in the SHOP. Premium Local and National oysters overnighted to your kitchen. And whether you have skills or not, America’s #1 Oyster Chef Rifko Meier, is here to assist you to become a shucking Rockstar.

Check out the shop for the Starter Kit if it’s your first time or to
Oyster Shop if you got some technique already.

James Beard Oyster Class


James Beard Oyster Classes

In 2017 we did our first James Beard House “Shuck like a Rockstar Oyster & Champagne Social”, with 55 guests learning about oysters and shucking the oysters themselves.

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It became one of the most successful and fun every 2-month program ever. It’s an honor to be in the House that build up the Culinary America, of course, and to teach supporters of the house that pay generously for the class to support the foundation.

Learn Oysters

We now live by the tagline “Every Oyster You Enjoy, Gives Love, Life and Happiness”. Oysters do so much for your health, the farmers, ocean life and it makes everyone happy as well. I will teach you this life skill in a few minutes and you get to teach your friends and family next. Let’s do it.

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Video Tutorials

How to Clean Oysters

Once the oysters are dropped on your doorstep, you want to give the oysters a scrub. It’s like cleaning your strawberries or mushrooms.

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They arrive clean, but you want to make them “your” clean. Ready to order some Farm Fresh Oysters?

How to Store Oysters

How long does an oyster stay good in the fridge? If you put them in there, perhaps a few days.

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I have an oyster hack to extend the lifetime of an oyster with a couple of weeks. Ready to order some Farm Fresh Oysters?
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How to Shuck Oysters

This is the best party trick ever. My friends ask me to bring a bag of oysters for their birthdays..

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and shuck m for their friends and I end up teaching everyone. It’s the best way for me to get acquainted with everyone at the party and a great excuse to have them treat me some oysters.


Virtual Oyster Shucking Classes

Learn something new while also tasting the best the ocean has to offer: You can shuck oysters on your own and share them with friends anytime!

Register today for an oyster shucking class.

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Crack Open Your Shell

If you’re an oyster aficionado, you’ve probably always wanted to learn the first step of shucking oysters: opening the shell properly. Our virtual classes teach the techniques and every step needed to successfully shuck oysters. After completing the virtual oyster shucking class, invite some friends over for a dinner party and show them how to do it, too. Stock up on oyster shucking tools so you can get started with ease, and learn by following Oysters XO’s five easy steps.

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We Bring the Shucking to You

With our virtual classes, you can learn how to shuck oysters no matter where you are in the world. Share the fun with friends or family or request a virtual class for a corporate team building activity. Whether you learn solo or invite a friend to join in on the experience, our online classes work for anyone with any schedule.

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Teaching America How to Shuck

Pick up a new skill you’ll use forever—and we promise you’ll want to share it with everyone! The expert Oyster Girls will guide you through the entire class, showing you how to distinguish the unique flavors of oysters’ brilliant pairing options. Schedule a class with us today to get started shucking, one oyster at a time.

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Enjoy Farm Fresh Oysters at Home like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka


Meet the Farmer

Tyler Myers is one of Gulf Coast Oyster Farmers. He is the founder of Massacre Island Oyster Ranch on the west end of Dauphin Island, Alabama. When we went to meet Tyler, he and his father were waiting, smiling and waving, as we turned into their driveway (basically the beach). They look like Alberto Giacometti sculptures. We got to know each other over coffee at the “farmhouse”, an amazing summer house on stilts, before taking the short walk to the beach. The oyster “office” is a designated wooden table, and there are cages floating in the water waiting to be turned or dragged to the office. This is where Tyler’s Oyster Story begins, and it’s best to let him tell you: “About Massacre Island Oyster Ranch”.

Massacre Island Oysters
Massacre Island Oysters
Massacre Island Oysters
Massacre Island Oysters
Massacre Island Oysters Massacre Island Oysters
Massacre Island Oysters Massacre Island Oysters
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