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Oysters have a knack for bringing everyone together—they’re shareable, unique, and delicious. Delight your friends and family with a one-of-a-kind experience featuring the best of the ocean. Oysters XO provides the perfect way to bring fun and food together—complete with live entertainment!

Fresh From the Oyster Farms, Straight to You

Our Mobile Oyster Catering service provides an experience your guests will never forget. The star of the show, our freshly shucked oysters, will dazzle everyone as our Oyster Girls and Guys offer everyone a taste. Oysters are much more than just another menu item—they’re a conversation piece that you’ll enjoy partaking in again and again.
Oysters XO Events:

Ocean Fresh Catering

How easy is it, when you work with the growers, to get the freshest Oysters? First, we make sure we have the first choice in oysters. Next, we have a team that knows and loves oysters. We are here to cater your wedding, corporate party, bar/bat mitzvah or why-not-its-summer-party. Just don’t mind us enjoying our job. The smiles while shucking and serving are free of charge.

Schedule Your Next Event With Us!

We would love the opportunity to entertain guests at your next event with our mobile oyster catering service. If you like this unique and exciting food service and you want to spice up your celebration.

We Provide the Best of the Best

Oysters XO prides ourselves on being oyster experts, and we only carry the freshest raw oysters available. Our friendly and knowledgeable Oyster Chefs are there to shuck and serve oysters straight from the east, west, and Gulf coasts to you and your guests. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the flavors of freshly shucked oysters.

Oyster Guys shuck America

Our Oyster Chefs have seen it all. That’s the best part of our job. We serve oysters kicking off your garden party or surprise donors at a fundraiser. We have teams in many cities or we drive/fly in. We have a perfect track record shucking events. Ask our clients. Our teams in New York, Washington, Atlanta, Charleston, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago are ready for you tomorrow … and we’ll be anywhere else in the world the day after tomorrow.
New York
Los Angeles
Washington DC
San Francisco
New Orleans

COVID Safe Oysters

The Oyster Chefs dress to impress, but they upped their game with this new COVID safe outfit. We added the face mask, obviously, wear plastic gloves on both hands now, and exchanged the business cards for a QR code, so that your guests can go home with the next best idea for their event. Thanking you for introducing them to this new experience.

The greatest improvement is shucking and serving the oysters in a sustainable bamboo boat, to have a contactless oyster. The chefs shuck the oyster in the boat and serve it so that the guests are the only one touching the oysters after opening them.

Oysters XO Experience

Check out these new EXPERIENCE videos; the videos show you exactly what to expect at your event.

Catering with Fresh Oysters


Premieres, Celebrities and Top of the World Venues

I can be very brief about the Please-Don’t-Tell-Events. My lips are sealed. Okay, okay, I can say this: The premieres are always in the most amazing venues from the opening of the World Trade Center to the Congress of Library in Washington DC; Museums, theatres, hotels and landmarks in general of course. What was my best experience? Perhaps, Aretha’s birthday or our first Super Bowl, The Great Gatsby premiere with Leonardo with a write-up in Vogue, one of chef Jose Andres’ events, a The Breakers’ Palm Beach NDA wedding, one of our appearances on TV….? Let me get back to you about that. Do you have an event soon?

The Knot Gala at NYPL

Perhaps it’s a record, because we were invited to participate in one of America’s Top Wedding Event 3-times in just 7 years…

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and the last time in a tailored to the event outfit. Our teams love dressing up and creating an extra dimension to your event. Of course do Oysters & Champagne belong in Great Gatsby-themed events, so we will wear Flapper dresses or dockworkers outfits. We do it all. We wear khaki’s and polo’s for the beach party in the Hamptons and black-tie at the cocktails in the Museum of Natural History. Purple and greens for Mardi Gras celebrations and red dresses for Mad Men receptions. Share your theme with us and let us suggest some ideas.

Yankee Suites

The day I got the call for working the suites at the Yankee games I felt like an All American.

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I played baseball as a kid with a Pete Rose poster and a Dodger jacket. Oysters XO shucks all sports and many teams across the nation. It started with the Super Bowl in New York, followed with the Jets and Giants Games, Yankee Stadium, MSG for the Rangers and Knicks, the Angels and the world series for the Dodgers, twice, losing the Stanley Cup in Boston and many All Star Games for the MLB, NBA, NHL and the Copa America Final. When are the Olympics back in the USA again?

Destination Events

Here we are at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum with our Washington DC Oysters XO Team.

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Super easy, but if we don’t have a team in your city, we drive or fly in for your special event. Easy commutes are to Birmingham with our Atlanta Team, San Diego from Los Angeles or Savannah with our Charleston Team, but we love flying in to Dallas, Las Vegas and Detroit. We arrange our own travel, make sure that the oysters arrive fresh from the farms and keeping you updated about our arrival. We are ready to fly into your event!

Tide to Table

David Beahm of David Beahm Experiences, one of the worlds best event designers, is a friend of the family first, but a great mentor as well.

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On many occasions he taught me tricks of the trade. The best trick he taught me was to go back to our roots. In this farm to vase event, he made me realize that I work with the best producers in the world: The Oyster Farmers. For the events we were working with farms from the East Coast and West Coast already, and now we added the Gulf Coast farms as well. Not just for our catering events, we sell them online to be shipped straight to your table. Fact: Most of the oysters we sell are harvest the day that are boxed and send to you. Isn’t that amazing? The photo is actually at David’s farm.
Check out the shop for the Starter Kit if it’s your first time or to Oyster Shop if you got some technique already.

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