Oysters XO on ABC TV New Orleans

Oysters XO is collaborating with P&J Oyster Company in New Orleans, the oldest Oyster Company in America, to teach visitors of New Orleans how to shuck oysters.

Farmed vs Wild Oysters

Oysters are often labeled as being farmed or wild as if it is of great significance…so is it? What is the difference between an oyster which was farmed versus a wild oyster?

The ‘R’ Rule

If you have ever heard of the oyster “R” rule, the first thing you should know is to forget it- this rule no longer applies.

How Long Do Live Oysters Stay Fresh?

So you bought a bunch of oysters still in the shell and you are now wondering what to do with them prior to eating them.

Are Oysters Alive When You Eat Them?

Raw oysters are certainly a food like no other. They are housed in hard, rough shells yet very smooth when opened…

What Is The ‘Right’ Way To Eat An Oyster

What a tricky question! Of course everyone has their own preferred way…

Are There Really Pearls in Oysters?

We have all heard that oysters have pearls. But have you ever seen an oyster with a pearl inside?

Are Oysters Nutritious?

So we know that oysters taste amazing- that is a fact. However, that may get you thinking about whether or not oysters are healthy.

Difference between West Coast and East Coast

West coast oysters? East coast oysters? Aren’t all oysters the same? The simple answer- no