Chef Sebastien Chamaret

Chef Sébastien Chamaret
Kim’s Shuck Report

Chef Sébastien takes on the challenge of shucking against an Oysters XO pro. On this episode, we will learn how Chef uses his skills in an attempt to out-shuck Oyster Girl Kim.

Chef stats:

  • Origins: Laval (countryside of France)
  • Education: Learned from two and three star Michelin establishments including Daniel by Daniel Boulud in Manhattan
  • Owned Le Comptoir voted #1 French restaurant in Brooklyn by Zagat
  • Favorite pairing: Muscadet
  • Preferred oyster dressing: Tabasco

Kim stats:

  • Education: Oysters XO girl since ’15
  • Learned to cook from Food Network TV shows
  • Owns her own pots and pans
  • Preferred oyster dressing: Mignonette

Q: Where did you eat your first oyster?

I ate oysters at a very young age! I would go to a town called Cancale in France to eat oysters. Fun fact: Cancale is known for its “eternal oyster season.” It’s highly recommended that true oyster lovers visit this town!

Q: Can you share your favorite simple recipe Chef?



Garlic Butter



Fire the grill, shuck the oyster, drop garlic butter on oyster, place oyster shell on grill. They are ready when warm.


Q: First thoughts on Oysters XO?

Chef: Why didn’t I think of that?

Q: First thoughts on Chef Sébastien?

Kim: What a sweetheart!