Chef Nick Anderer – Kim’s Shuck Report

Chef Nick Anderer
Kim’s Shuck Report

Nick Anderer Shucks Oysters

Chef Nick of the famous Maialino and Marta in NYC has accepted the challenge of shucking against an Oyster XO pro. The talented chef has been mentored by top chefs including Larry Forgione, Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio, and Mike Anthony. Let’s see if this chef has what it takes to out-shuck Kim.

Chef stats:

  • Origins: South Bend, Indiana but raised in NYC
  • Ate and shucked first oyster in college working for Larry Forgione
  • Studied art history as an undergraduate at Trinity College, Hartford’s Rome College
  • Style of cooking: Italian home-cooking
  • Favorite Oyster: Island Creek

Kim stats:

  • Origins: NYC
  • Studied media studies and communications at Queens College
  • Style of cooking: Simple ingredients for any dish
  • Favorite Oyster: Beausoleil

Nick Anderer Shucks oysters

Q: Who taught you how to shuck an oyster Chef?

A cook from my first job at a Larry Forgione restaurant called “Rose Hill.”

Q: Favorite alcohol pairing?

Cold beer

Q: Favorite oyster dressing?


Q: Can you share with us a simple recipe Chef?




Chopped Garlic


Place a little bit of butter and chopped garlic on top of the oysters while grilling and let them bubble up together.

nick anderer shucks oysters

Q: First thoughts on Oysters XO Chef?

Chef: Fantastic idea. A bunch of hot girls serving oysters who wouldn’t want that?

Q: First thoughts on Chef?

Kim: Purely a talented human being.

Chef NIck