Chef Grant Van Gameren – Kim’s Shuck Report

Chef Grant Van Gameren
Kim’s Shuck Report

Grant Van Gameren oysters
Chef Grant is the first chef in Toronto who takes on the challenge of shucking against the Oysters XO shucking pro. In this episode, the brilliant chef & owner of Bar Isabel and Bar Raval really kicks Kim’s shucking to the curb.

Chef stats:

  • Born in Mississauga, raised in Toronto, Ontario
  • Ate first oyster at 18yrs old
  • Chef & owner of Bar Raval & Bar Isabel
  • Extremely down to earth intellectual
  • Favorite Oyster: East Coast (Well Fleets)

Kim stats:

  • Born & raised NYC
  • Ate first oyster at 20yrs old
  • Charming and quirky


Q: What was your first experience like eating an oyster Chef?

I’m not someone that shy’s away from weird food – I loved it. I don’t buy them at restaurants because I know how much they cost. If I want them, then I like to buy them at wholesale price and shuck them myself at home.

Q: Favorite dressing Chef?


Q: Can you share with us a simple recipe Chef?

(Spanish inspired smoked paprika with cherry vinegar dressing traditionally with mussels)


  • Oysters
  • Olive Oil
  • Paprika
  • Vinegar


  • Steam the oysters for about 2 minutes until the meat is firm and the tops pop off.
  • Mix the oil, paprika and vinegar together.
  • Marinate the oysters for a day or two with the mixture.
  • Take them out and place back into the shell.

Q: First thoughts on Oysters XO?

Chef: Never heard of it before. The idea is brilliant!

Q: First thoughts on Chef Grant

Kim: His wife is one lucky woman!


Chef Grant tastes Kim’s freshly shucked oyster and finds a piece of debris left in the oyster. Minus 10 points on Kim for not cleaning it out beforehand. Chef was on a high horse after this. Gloating and so proud of his perfectly shucked oyster, when all of a sudden, after tasting his own oyster, he finds a piece of shell. BACKFIRE! We are calling it even.

Chef Grant chart 2